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JULY 29, 2015
Tamera Alexander does it again, she writes an incredible Christian historical novel. I love horses. Although I haven't actually ridden one in reality, in Tamera's "To WIn Her Favor" I am riding like the wind (or soaring as the heroine's father called it). While reading this I wanted to switch places with Maggie just to be around horses, riding them, caring for them and forging friendship with these incredible creatures. Tamera weaves how God can change a person's outlook on others that are not of their class as He did with Maggie. She reminds us of the problem of racial prejudice and how it isn't gone but still rears its ugly head. I think my favorite character though is Mr. Harding (who you read about in both Belle Mead books by Tamera. He is successful and southern to the core but the difference is he is a fair, giving and powerful character. In reading this book and be for warned it is hard to put down, you will find struggles with changes in life, unexpected surprises both good and not so good, blessings and a roller coaster of emotions. You will find yourself at the edge of your seat cheering for a horse that quietly enters your life and gently fills you with love for her. I love to see horses run. No I don't like the gambling aspect of races as neither does the main characters of this book. Oh, to see these powerful, beautiful creatures run just takes my breath away. Start preparing now for the trip you will take in the wonderful historical novel and visit Tamera's website to read about the historical setting in this book and her many other books.
You can also find her on facebook, goodreads and other media sites.
What are you waiting for? Go read the book!
Karen Hadley

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I've been having trouble with my blog so hopefully this time it will post right! Here are some quick reviews of books that I have read in the past two weeks. I hope you enjoy them as much as I have!

"Lady Maybe" by Julie Klassen

I love Julie's books! I haven't read any that didn't capture
my attention fully! Late nights, early mornings and sleepy
days were the norm for me while reading books by Julie
Klassen. There is a life changing secret that you'll try to
discover as you turn each page. One of the things I like about
Julie's books is that she tackles some hard topics, her heroines
and hero's of her books don't always have the best of reputation
or past. But who does? We are all human, we all mess up, we
sin and Julie weaves the differences God makes in their lives to
change them to become a better person and to follow the Lord.
Yes, they suffer the consequences  of their sins but God forgives
and forgets. Great Job Julie!


"A Stranger's Secret" by Laurie Alice Eakes

This is book two in this series! You will definitely want to readA Stranger's Secret
the first book but this will also work as a stand alone book as
well. Laurie Alice Eakes is a talented writer and I enjoy each one
of her books. (And she has many). The story of Morwenna (don't
you just love that name) and her struggle to do everything for
herself with the help of two trusted servants backfires and she
realizes that she can forgive them and its okay to allow them
to help her. What a hero is David! I hope she writes another in
this series for I would like to see how Mihal (another great name)
grows up and meets his future bride. Mihal is Morwenna's baby.
Keep The Books Coming Alice!


Rebecca DeMarino
Author of "A Place In His Heart" and "To Capture Her Heart"
These are apart of The Southold Chronicles", Rebecca has written two historical romance
novels that are inspired by her ninth great-grandparents, Barnabas and Mary Horton.
In "A Place In His Heart", Mary yearns and does all she can to earn her husband Barnabas's love. He has lost his first wife and can't seem to get past that, neither does his two sons. There were times I wanted to just shake him! He is a godly man and God opens his eyes to what he has been blessed with, a loving wife. You'll want to read how they came to be married, all of Mary's struggles and how she lived God's way even in the midst of sad and dark days.

"To Capture Her Heart" is book two of this series. Benjamin, Barnabas's son from his first marriage but raised and loved by Mary. (He returns the affection to his Mother). Heather Flower is a young widow who is being pressured by a Dutch man and Benjamin to choose one of them. She isn't ready and doesn't know if she will be. Life goes on, will the Dutch and the colonists finally have peace?
Does Heather Flower marry Dirk, the Dutchman or Benjamin, her long time friend or is she content to stay a widow? Only one way to find out - READ THE BOOKS!


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JULY 15, 2015

Let’s Celebrate To Capture Her Heart with a Giveaway!

July 2015 seemed like such a long way away, awaiting the release of The Southold Chronicle’s second book: To Capture Her Heart.  Now that it’s here, it’s time to celebrate!  Will you join me?  There is a great giveaway happening thanks to my publisher Revell.  And once again, my writing friend and mentor, Jane Kirkpatrick will be kicking us off.
Below are the participating bloggers who are hosting me on their websites.  New links added daily.  Come back each day and log which blog you commented on for extra points for the giveaway!  Some of the various posts include:
Personal Interviews
Historical content
Fun Facts

To Capture Her Heart reviews. Hear from others who have read the story already.
Jane Kirkpatrick
Debbie’s Dusty DeliberationsD’s Quilts and Books
Puddletown ReviewsLena Nelson Dooley
Faith * Love * Books

Book Bites, Bee Stings & Butterfly Kisses
Griperangs Bookmarks
Suzanne Woods Fisher

Ready Set Read
Genesis 5020
Faith Hope and Cherry Tea
Looking for giveaway details? Skip to the bottom of the post
If you love to hear what others have to say about the book, below is a list of honest reviews from a blog reading program the publisher has. Links directly to the review may, or may not be available,  they are posting this week. (as part of the giveaway, commenting on the blogs below is included, not just Rebecca’s Guest posts above).
Image of Rebecca DeMarinoRebecca DeMarino was born in Pensacola, Florida, the daughter of a Navy pilot. Her mother made a home for the family of six all over the map, including Virginia, Nevada, California, Washington, and Guam, before her parents put down anchor on a ranch in Oregon.

As the wife of a young Air Force officer, married life brought more travel. She relied on her mother’s example of how to make a home anywhere. Her three beautiful daughters were born in Florida, Alaska and Nebraska.
Retired after sixteen years with a major airline, she manages to fulfill her love of wanderlust with frequent family or research trips. 
Rebecca grew up listening to her mother’s family lore of a great-grandfather from generations ago. Barnabas Horton sailed from England in the 1600’s, to Long Island, N.Y., on a ship called The Swallow. In 1999, after she found Horton Point, L.I., on a map, Rebecca and her mother made the journey to see the lighthouse named after their ancestor.
The legend goes that Barnabas brought a slab of blue slate with him from England, and had the epitaph he wrote himself engraved on it. The blue slate still exists in the Old Cemetery in Southold, L.I., with the Bible verse, “He being dead, still speaketh.” Much information was found about Barnabas, but none of his wife, save a mention in his will.
Her mother passed away in 2005, but Rebecca returned to Southold many times, drawn by her Puritan roots and English heritage. Each time she wondered about her ninth great-grandmother, a young woman who married a widower with two young boys and then followed them for the wilds of Long Island, leaving behind her home and family. What were her dreams? Her motivations? Her fears?

Here are the details: This should be rather simple, but if you run into any glitches, please comment below and your question should be answered ASAP. The giveaway will go from July 13-July 22nd (11:59 PT).  Some of the entries can be done more than once, so please be sure to come back and enter more than one time.  Visit new bloggers (Many of the blogs have all different information, so you are not reading the same thing over…and over… and over…). Winners will be emailed within 48 hrs of the giveaway ending.  Please be sure to check your spam folders once they are announced.  Names will also be posted on this giveaway form.  If the winner doesn’t claim their prize within one week of notification, new winners will be selected. 1st prize winner, will have winner’s choice on the gift cards listed.  You also have the opportunity to have your book scribed to anyone! When providing your email address, it will not be sold, or given to anyone else.  It is for my purposes only. Whenever possible, please tag my social media on the platform you are using (Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest).  This helps me see all you are doing & want to express my gratitude. The most important rule… HAVE FUN!
To Capture Her Heart Book Launch

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Lysa TerKeurst

JULY 20, 2015


It is a beautiful morning here in southern Oklahoma!

I want to share with you some encouraging words from books written by Lysa Terkeurst!  I keep a small notebook to write down excerpts from authors books.

Below are excerpts out of Lysa Terkeurst Books:

“It’s easy to do the right things when we see immediate results. But sometimes I think it pleases God for His girls to do the right thing even when the results are no so immediate.”

“Lasting, satisfying love will only be found when we stop chasing others or possessions, and thirst for the things of God.”

“If your in a season of doubt, backtrack and remember all the places where God has been so faithful before in your life. And know with assurance and boldness and confidence, He is the same Faithful God.”

“Real faith isn’t a hopeful wish. Real faith is making the decision that no matter the outcome, we’ll choose to see it as God’s perfect answer. Through the good. Through the not so good. And even through the down right awful—We will trust God! Now this doesn’t mean we won’t cry and express hurt. But it does mean we’ve decided it’s better to have lived trying to take leaps of faith with God, than to walk away from Him.”

Those are words to ponder and remember! I encourage you to read Lysa’s books. God will meet you right where you are and you’ll find Him at work in your heart. Lysa is president of proverbs31 and you can visit and to learn more about her and the ministry God has given her. She can also be found on facebook. Her books are “The Best Yes”, “Unglued”, “Made to Crave” and “What happens when women walk in faith” are just a few of books she has written.
another site you might be interested in to visit.




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JULY 7, 2015

Happy Tuesday!

I hope everyone had a great and safe 4th of July!! My husband and I went to visit one of our granddaughters. She is a joy and a bit ornery like her Papa! It’s always nice to spend time with family. Speaking of families, I just finished Christina Coryell’s “Simply Mad” and it is a nice, leisurely read. I can relate to all the inward discussions Maddie had with herself. I would not want people reading my thoughts on anything and everything so as Maddie struggled with her thoughts of others, I was reminded of how I need to turn my thoughts to God. But as Maddie struggles with her thoughts, her goal to find a husband and her job. You come to love her serving spirit! This book is about finding what your looking for might just be right under your nose. You’ll see perspectives change, people changed and be reminded of just what is important in life and what is not. God is the author of changed hearts and lives! You will definitely see this as you read this book!!

Christina Coryell is a small-town girl from southwest Missouri with a heart full of dreams and a head bursting with stories. She earned her degrees in English and History from Drury University, and maintains a steady "normal" job while she moonlights as an author. Christina is a very picky reader, because she wants to connect with the characters, and often finds that lacking. She thinks every great novel should be built on a great character, and in her first series, that character is Camdyn Taylor.
Visit Christina at


Karen Hadley


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JUNE 30, 2015

Jen Turano's "In Good Company"

Jen Turano has a gift of injecting humor and lovable characters in her books. I had a blast reading "In Good
Company". I adore Millie and her sweet personality. She
is smarter than what some of the other characters think of her.
I cheered for her in the tennis match between her and Caroline. I fell in love with the children, their antics and laughed when Millie would beat them at their own game to win their affections. Everett won my attention when he realized the social set were really snobs. When I met his parents on the pages I was nicely surprised at how their outlook on life changed. When they met Jesus as their Saviour! Awesome!
He works that way! Such great characters that you will think you are in the room with them having tea or a part of whatever
mayhem comes their way.  I was relieved when the truth of the children's parents death was revealed and Caroline was put in her place.
Caution: Beware of the peacocks!

I do hope that this review peaks your curiosity and that you will take the time to read this book. You won't be disappointed!

Jen TuranoYou can visit her on her website:
You can also find her on facebook

                                                                                                                   Jen Turano is the critically acclaimed author of The Ladies of Distinction Series, published through Bethany House.  Her novel, A Most Peculiar Circumstance, was chosen by Booklist as a Top Ten Romance for 2013.
Jen grew up in St. Clairsville, Ohio, a small city bordering Wheeling, WVA.  Her childhood was idyllic and she spent many an hour ice-skating on a little pond, playing with friends in her treehouse, boating at the lake, and reading under the shade of numerous trees.  High School, surprisingly enough, was fabulous.  She roamed the halls with eight wonderful girls, all of whom she’s still friends with to this day.  Student Council took up much of her time as she was Secretary of her class all four years, Vice-President of Student Council her junior year and President her senior year.  After High School, she began her next great adventure – College.  Pursuing a degree in Clothing & Textiles, Jen was a member of Alpha Phi sorority.  She left college after the required four years and set out to take the fashion world by storm, finding out that fashion wasn’t nearly as glamorous as she’d been led to believe.
Meeting her husband, Al, when she was working at a department store in upstate New York, she married him mere months after they’d met, to everyone’s concern.  Twenty-something years later, she and Al are still going strong, proving the concern was all for naught.  Her son, Dominic, was born after she’d been married for quite some time, and it was then she decided to hang up her heels and settle into the best job of her life – Mom.
Her writing career began rather oddly, right when Dominic was in the third grade.  Disgusted with a series they’d been reading together, Jen and her son set about writing a book of their own.  It was a strange story, filled with smelly beasts who had a propensity for eating children, or at least wanting to eat them, but Dominic proclaimed it to be perfect and that was all it took for Jen to begin writing in earnest.  Her earlier works were met with swift rejections, but when she settled on romance, she managed to snag an agent and she’s been writing romance ever since.
When Jen’s not writing, she spends her time hiking around Colorado, socializing with friends and family, and taking great pride in watching Dominic, who will soon be off to college, turn into a remarkable young man.  (For readers of A Change of Fortune – Dominic was the inspiration behind little Ben – which is why you won’t be surprised to learn Jen’s been slightly taken aback over the fact Dominic’s turned out so well.)


Karen Hadley