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GOOD MORNING!     How's the weather where you are? Here in Oklahoma it varies from day to day. LOL!      How do you handle fear in your life? It is just a small word but packs so much within those letters - F E A R!      It can stop us in our tracks, paralyzes, controlling, stress us out and so much more. Remember-God has our back! He's not going anywhere! Others will let us down, sometimes intentional and sometimes unintentional. God will never let us down. He sees the bigger picture in our lives, He knows our future.     We just have to trust Him. Sounds easy but we know it is easy, it is one of the hardest thing to do for believers. Or, it is for me. I'm very slowly trying to just remind myself everyday when my plans don't line up with God's plans that He is perfect, His plans are perfect, His ways are perfect and His timing is perfect. I just have to trust Him in EVERYTHING!      Bible Verses to encourage you:  Psalm 91:2 "This I declare about the
MY THOUGHTS:    I'm doing a happy dance! Pepper Basham's lastest book was release on February 14th entitled "Between Stairs and Stardust" Don't you just love that title? I love Pepper's books and I became a fan of hers since I read her first book "The Thorn Bearer". I have no doubt you will love her stories if you've never read any which is easily solved by reading this novella. It is a magical, over the moon sweet and delightful story. This novella is part of a compilation of four novellas entitle "Finding ever after". James is not your average hero, having to depend on a lady he's never met. Stella is needing to just keep away from others while a delicate matter is consuming her. Add a little girl, Alice, James little sister tothe mix and you have a fairy tale on the pages. I did like that James and Alice stepmother isn't your normal evil person as seen in fairy tales but a interesting one. The Biltmore is one plac
Corporate litigator Mia Shaw suffers the shock of her life when she finds her colleague and friend brutally murdered. Grief-stricken and furious, Mia vows that she will do anything to seek justice and make the killer pay.  The man accused of the murder is a friend of security tech guru Noah Ramirez, but the evidence just doesn't add up. To save his former ATF partner, Noah needs to convince Mia that the real killer is still on the loose. Mia soon has more than the criminal prosecution to worry about, however. She is tasked with taking over her friend's last case and learns he was hiding secrets about his client. She thinks she may have stumbled upon corporate espionage that has turned deadly, but she has no idea of the danger involved. Her only ally is Noah, despite their difference of opinion on the homicide case. Can he win Mia over to his side and protect her from ever-growing threats? Rachel Dylan writes legal thrillers and   legal romantic suspense. Rachel has p