Saturday, July 28, 2018

Happy Saturday!!

       I hope this day finds everyone healthy and happy!! I love to read books that are in a series. Reconnecting with characters that I've come to know and
love is like a family reunion. Elaine Manders is a master at writing such books.
Her series "Intrigue Under the Western Sky" is one of the best series I've read.
You can read them as stand alone but are best when read as a series. You won't regret it, I assure you. 
        In the third book "Revealed", I caught up on what has been happening in the characters lives. I also love the history that is interwoven throughout the pages. Get a peek at wild west shows and how they grew in popularity. You'll meet Katherine and her mother learning that not everything we think is true and the truth can hurt but also provides freedom in life. Elaine Manders does such an amazing job in this story. I loved the women who are living hard lives but are strong, determined and committed to their husbands, family and friends. Men who are fiercely protective of their wives, family and friends. People who make up a family even if some aren't related. Katherine is hit with some life-changing events but stays strong and determined to adjust the best she can. With Colt's help she realizes she can face anything that comes her way. Set aside time to read this great series because you will want to read them all. 

Rating: 5*
I received this book as a gift and all opinions are my own.

About the Book!!

Title: Revealed
Author: Elaine Manders
Genre: Christian Historical Romance
Release Date: December 27, 2018
Nothing can be hidden that won’t be revealed.
When her father dies, Katherine Levinson discovers her parents have kept secrets that render her happy childhood a farce. She and her gravely ill mother face eviction, and she has no choice but to appeal to the brother she’s never seen, the famous cattle baron, Rhyan Cason. Over her gravely ill mother’s objections, they move to Nebraska and the sprawling cattle ranch, Sollano.
Instead of the warm welcome Katherine expects, she and her mother are met with whispers and scorn in the little prairie town near Sollano. Gradually, the sins of her parents’ past surface, and Katherine begins to doubt her very identify. With her brother busy with cattle rustlers and her mother too ill to be bothered, Katherine turns to Colt Holliman, a soft-spoken neighboring rancher, for comfort.
Tired of waiting for the right woman to come along, Colt has promised to wait for Charley Ryder, an acclaimed female sharp shooter and equestrian acrobat with the Wild West Show, but it’s becoming clear Charley loves the show more than him. As his attraction to Katherine grows, he finds himself spiritually conflicted. How can he break from past commitments and follow his heart?
Then unexpected danger strikes, testing Katherine’s and Colt’s faith in God—and each other.
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About the Author

Elaine Manders writes wholesome Christian romance and suspense about the bold, capable women of history and the strong, dependable men who love them. Her stories twist, turn, and surprise, told by characters who aren’t afraid to show their love for God and each other. She grew up a small town country girl and now lives in Central Georgia with her fur baby.                Besides writing, she enjoys reading, sewing, crafts, and spending time with her family.
 Guest Post from Elaine Manders
My Backstory
Intrigue under Western Skies Series, Book 3
 Back when I watched television, drama series were my favorite—Little House of the Prairie, the Waltons, the Virginian. I was caught up in the lives of these characters and looked forward to seeing what they were up to each week. For much the same reason, I enjoy writing episodic series.
Intrigue under Western Skies, a blended genre, historical romantic suspense series falls in this category. Some of the characters show up in every book, with new ones added along the way. But the books can be read out of sequence since each one has a different premise and plot.
In Revealed, Book 3 of Intrigue under Western Skies, I wanted to give Colt Holliman, previously introduced as a secondary character, his own HEA. Also, it seemed the time to reveal what happened to Rhyan Cason’s mother, the woman who’d caused so much angst in the first two books. More importantly, it gave me the opportunity to introduce Katherine, the sister he never knew existed.
Unexpectedly, my research led me to the history of show business, and how it developed through the Wild West shows of the nineteenth century. From that, a mystery evolved.
The spiritual thread running through Revealed explores the emotions of a young woman who discovers blood relatives have been hidden from her. Can she accept and love her new family and forgive the sins of her parents?
Maybe the greatest insight I gained from writing Revealed is that one can never trust his own heart without first trusting God.

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Tuesday, July 24, 2018


I've never read a Shanna Hatfield book that I didn't love and "Lightning and Lawmen" didn't disappoint. Book 5 of Baker City Brides is full of mystery, humor, joy and the sense of belonging.
Delilah Robbins is one character I think most of us like, she's independent, knows her mind and isn't afraid to do what she wants regardless of what society might think. My favorite characteristic is her love of birds and creating a haven for them in her back yard. I can just visualize the beauty that Shanna describes of this haven. I can see myself sitting in the yard, listening to the songs of the birds and breathing in the fragrances of all the beautiful flowers planted to attract the birds. I laughed at Seth and Dugan's competitiveness of the beautiful newcomer and she has no plans to marry! You'll revisit characters from the previous books (if you haven't read any, you need to correct that immediately). Oh, but my favorite, my all time favorite is a little fellow named Oliver. That is all I'm going to say so I don't give the story a way and its taking great restraint not to but you will love Oliver!!!!

Rating: 5**
I received this book as a gift and all opinions are my own.

P.S. - If you have never read any of Shanna's books, you will be hooked the moment you opened the first book! NO KIDDING!!!

click here to purchase the book 

How did a simple hello turn into something so complicated?

Love is about to leave one lawman thunderstruck in this sweet historical romance!

Cultured and full of grace, Delilah Robbins agrees to accompany her meteorologist father to his new post in Baker City, Oregon. Expecting a primitive place, she’s delighted to discover an up-and-coming town with plenty of surprises as well as a place she can turn into a sanctuary for her beloved birds. As she settles into life in the western town, she unwittingly creates a riff between two deputies when they both fall for her charms.
Deputy Dugan Durfey only meant to extend a friendly welcome to a newcomer. But the moment he set eyes on the meteorologist’s delightful daughter, Dugan’s heart was no longer his own. Since his best friend and fellow deputy suffered the same fate, Dugan struggles to do what’s right. He’ll fight jealousy, outlaws, and a wily raccoon to keep Delilah safe, but the greater battle lies in overcoming his fears to profess his love.
Filled with humor, adventure, and plenty of sweet romance, Lightning and Lawmen highlights the history of the era and blends it with the timeless feelings of discovering true love.

˃˃˃ If you love sweet, funny, tender romance, read all the Baker City Brides books!

* Tad's Treasure (Prequel to the series) - Tad Palmer makes a promise to his dying friend to watch over the man’s wife and child. Will his heart withstand the vow when he falls in love with the widow and her son?
* Crumpets and Cowpies (Book 1) - Rancher Thane Jordan is about it meet his match in the lovely Lady Jemma Bryan.
* Thimbles and Thistles (Book 2) - Maggie Dalton doesn't need a man, especially not one as handsome as charming as Ian MacGregor.
* Corsets and Cuffs (Book 3) - Sheriff Tully Barrett meets his match when a pampered woman comes to town, catching his eye and capturing his heart.
* Bobbins and Boots (Book 4) - Carefree cowboy Ben Amick venturs into town to purchase supplies, and returns home married to another man’s mail-order bride.
* Lightning and Lawmen (Book 5) - Will her fears, his doubts, or his best friend keep Dugan Durfey from the woman he loves?


About Shanna Hatfield

USA Today Bestselling Author Shanna Hatfield writes character-driven romances with relatable heroes and heroines. 

Her historical westerns have been described as "reminiscent of the era captured by Bonanza and The Virginian" while her contemporary works have been called "laugh-out-loud funny, and a little heart-pumping sexy without being explicit in any way."

Convinced everyone deserves a happy ending, this hopeless romantic is out to make it happen, one story at a time. When she isn't writing or indulging in chocolate (dark and decadent, please), Shanna hangs out with her husband, lovingly known as Captain Cavedweller.

To learn more about Shanna or the books she writes, visit her blog or follow her on Facebook.

Friday, July 13, 2018

About the Book

Title: Enduring Love
Author: Toni Shiloh
Genre: Contemporary Romance
 Release Date: June 28, 2018
Belle Peterson is hiding a secret. Seeking sanctuary in the small town of Maple Run, she’s intent on starting her life over—one she hopes honors Christ. The plan was going great until an undeniable attraction to Micah has her wondering if she’s changed at all.
Micah Campbell can’t understand why Belle is so uptight and wants nothing to do with her until the gentle whispers of God tell him to befriend her. He didn’t count on the feeling of protectiveness to rise up or that spark of attraction.
Can love really conquer all or will Belle’s past be too much for Micah to handle?

 I do hope you are enjoying your summer even though its probably hot where you are at, it is here in Oklahoma. What are some of your favorite summer foods? A few of mine are iced tea, watermelon and of course, chocolate (a year round favorite, lol).  I on occasion will indulge in donuts. When I think of some donuts, I think about maple long johns. Maple brings me to recall Toni Shiloh's books, which take place in Maple Run with a restaurant called "The Pit" and they specialize in maple. They put maple into everything, its just not for breakfast anymore!
 I do love Toni's books. Enduring Love is a great story. I enjoyed Micah's persistence in getting Belle out of her solitude. A great insight to remember that those we may think or shy or unfriendly that maybe they are dealing with times in their lives that has them in a state of uncertainty or hurt. Belle is such a person, unable to trust she struggles to allow Micah close to her. The family from "The Pit" are a loving and friendly family seeking to follow God and to be a light for others. I love that in a book and Toni delivers in every one of her books. You'll fall in love with the characters and with Toni's books. Follow her on social media and get to know this amazing author.
Karen Hadley
Rating: 5*
I received this book as a gift and all opinions are my own.

About the Author

Toni Shiloh is a wife, mom, and Christian fiction writer. Once she understood the powerful saving grace thanks to the love of Christ, she was moved to honor her Savior. She writes to bring Him glory and to learn more about His goodness.
She spends her days hanging out with her husband and their two boys. She is a member of the American Christian Fiction Writers (ACFW) and president of the Virginia Chapter.
You can find her on her website at

Guest Post from Toni Shiloh

Hey there, Reader Friends!
I’m so excited for the kickoff of Enduring Love. This is book 3 in the Maple Run series and features the story of Belle Peterson and Micah Campbell. You may remember meeting Micah in book 2 of the series, he is Luke Robinson’s best friend. I tell you, this book has a special place in my heart, one that brought out all the emotions in me.
Belle Peterson is living a life filled with shame and regret. She knows mentally that she’s been forgiven, but can’t reconcile the fact to how a redeemed life should look. And when Micah Campbell walks in her life, she’s certain that she has to stay as far from him as possible to keep from back sliding.
Y’all know our wants rarely meet with reality. I had fun throwing Belle and Micah together in Maple Run. Sometimes to their chagrin but always to my pleasure. J Characters from Buying Love (book 1) and Finding Love (book 2) will make an appearance, rounding out the family that has been created in my fictional town of Maple Run, Virginia.
As you take the time to read Belle and Micah’s story, I pray you keep this verse in your mind. “There is therefore now no condemnation to them which are in Christ Jesus, who walk not after the flesh, but after the Spirit.” – Romans 8:1 KJV
God does not want us to live a life of shame and guilt. Once we ask for forgiveness, He gives it to us freely. Walk in an abundant life, my friends, and bless others with the grace you so freely received.
Blessings to you,

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Monday, July 9, 2018

JULY 9, 2018


I love flowers. The colors that God paints them are just beautiful! 

"Now all glory to God, who is able, through His mighty power at work
within us, to accomplish infinitely
more than we might ask or think."
              Ephesians 3:20

Whooo Hoooo! I love that! What a promise!!
God doesn't need our help in our life. He is
creator! He is God!  What are we supposed
to do as we go through life? 

Trust Him!
Obey Him!
Serve Him!
Love Him!

Get into God's Word and let God's Word get into you!
It doesn't matter what others say or do, we are responsible
for our own choices.

We can let the trials of life make us better in becoming the person God created us to be or it can make us bitter. I choose better.
I choose God!


Sunday, July 1, 2018

             LIVE SIMPLY!! SIMPLY LIVE!!

Good bye June! Hello July!!

I live in the great state of Oklahoma and of course, it is hot here. No amount of complaining is going to change that and that is why I stay indoors for the most part. I do enjoy the cool mornings before the sun shines brightly emitting warmth throughout this great state. It is a bright perk in the morning to sit outside in the coolness and listen to the sound of the neighborhood waking up and the birds singing their sweet songs. I have a little friend I see almost every morning as I sit, sipping my "must have" mug of coffee. A beautiful cardinal perched on my neighbors roof delights me as he sings his song searching for his mate, she soon answers and off he goes. Life so simple. That's what it is! Life Simple! The times in the morning is a reminder to me to look at the day before me and to simply live and live simply! I haven't posted as often as I was and with good reason, I have had some 
major changes to my life and am learning to adjust. My God is right beside me through it all. I'm learning to simply "TRUST HIM"! I don't have to make it harder or more difficult, I just have to trust HIM! Read 2 Chronicles 20 and see how King Jehoshaphat learned to completely trust God. What grabs your attention as you read this chapter?
       Life is really short, I don't want to spend it worrying, being anxious or trying to fix everything. That path wears a person down. It's learning to move from "me" focused to "GOD" focused. He's got it and He doesn't need my help.

live simply,
Karen Hadley