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                                                 Happy Saint Patrick's Day!     As I shared in an earlier post, I love to read and want to share some reviews of books I've recently read. The list may get long but I have had my nose stuck in a book for the past few weeks.     Laurie Alice Eakes - I haven't read anything of hers that I didn't completely enjoy.        The Midwives Series - The history of midwives is interesting and she weaves it into excellent novels.              Lady in the Mist              Hearts Safe Passage        The Cliffs of Cornwall          A Lady's Honor - Honor to family or longing for love, which will be victorious?         Daughters of Bainbridge - Each book tells the story of one of three sisters and how they conquer the trials of life.             Necessary Deception             Flight of Fancy             Reluctant Courtship   NOTE: I read only Christian books therefore any review I post is in that r