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JUNE 30, 2016
I hope your summer is going well. It is hot here in Oklahoma but that is the norm for this state. When the three digit numbers hit it sure makes me glad I'm going to heaven when I leave the earth. Thank you Lord for saving me!!!
"Splashdown" by Linda K. Rodante
This book was released this month and I had the privilege of reading to review this book. I'm so glad I did!!. It is "WOW!!" I read this book in one day. It grabs you from page one all the way to the end. You will learn about the homeless, human trafficking, the emotions that come with pregnancy and the importance of abstinence. You will grow to love the good characters, you'll be glad when the bad are brought to justice, be surprised at the identity of the villain, give thanks for the lives that are changed and cheer when Rich finally gets his act together. I try to review without any spoilers. So, Just. Read. The. Book.


Lynn Stapleton likes designer handbags and high-end clothing, so how did Sharee Jergenson talk her into visiting a homeless site, much less starting a friendship with one of its residents?

Then a hurricane hits Florida, and Lynn finds herself involved in the homeless woman’s
murder. Detective Rich Richards thinks Lynn’s connection with the woman is suspicious, but Lynn doesn’t care what the blue-eyed detective thinks. She’s not leaving this investigation until the murderer is found.

On the other hand, Richards finds Lynn not just a disruption to his case, but also to his life as a nominal Christian. He’d do better to stay away from the tall, willowy blonde, but he can’t—because she and Sharee have unearthed evidence that will convict someone of murder, and that person has marked both women for death.

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June 24, 2016

         OHHHH, don't you just love this cover!! Mary Alford is a talented writer and she has written a story that will encourage you and lift your spirits. Sometimes what we think we see or know is not at all like it seems. That lesson is a hard one and one Cara finally learns. A inspiring story of how God can change people and bring them to the place they need to be. Read the book!

Cara Stevens is finally coming back home to Cartwright, Montana. But will she find the place she longs from her childhood or a past without hope.

Since Cara left Cartwright a little more than a year earlier, not much has changed. Except her life is in shambles, her heart broken and the man she thought she had left behind is standing before her claiming to be a changed man. 
Montana Skies (Treasures of the Rockies Book 1)


Wednesday, June 22, 2016

 JUNE 22, 2016

About the Book

 Purchase your copy of The Amish Firefighter here A Beautiful Young Woman Banished from Home Abigail Stutzman thought it was bad enough being dropped at the nearest bus station and sent to live several states away with some relatives she’d never even heard of, much less met. But now, just a week after her arrival in Jamesport, Missouri, she finds herself at the scene of a barn fire. An intentional barn fire. And all fingers are pointed at her. She’s desperate to prove her innocence and protect her reputation, but nobody’s making that easy to do. And God certainly doesn’t seem willing to help. A Brave Firefighter with an Agenda of His Own Sam Miller is in the process of turning over a new leaf. Determined to atone for the follies of his past, he is a volunteer firefighter, an EMT, and a doctor-in-training. With suspicious barn fires escalating, and the Miller family being among the victims, no one is more determined to see the perpetrators brought to justice than Sam. A Kindled Flame Neither One Could Have Anticipated When their paths first cross at the site of a barn burning, the emotional intensity rivals the warmth of the flames. Soon, they must decide whether this fire is one they should feed or fight. And they’ll discover that the truth can prove more dangerous than a blazing inferno.

MY REVIEW:  The title of this book will have you wondering "How can an Amish man be a firefighter?" It peaked my curiosity to read the book and I'm glad I satisfied that curiosity. No one really knows a person from first appearances. And Sam thinks he has Abigail all figured out by the first encounter and accuses her of a crime he's sure she's guilty of doing. But as you read the truth comes forward and the heartbreaking story of Abigail's family. Be sure to grab this book!                         

Karen Hadley

About the Author 

  Laura V. Hilton   Amish fiction lovers responded positively and immediately to Laura V. Hilton’s debut novel, Patchwork Dreams, when she burst on the scene in 2009 with her unique series, The Amish of Seymour, set in the tiny town of Seymour, in Webster County, Missouri. Fans of the genre immediately recognized Hilton’s insider knowledge, not only of the Webster County community, but Amish culture in general. Her natural speech and writing patterns, she says, are uniquely “Amish,” acquired from her Amish maternal grandparents. The Amish of Seymour, includes Patchwork Dreams, A Harvest of Hearts, and Promised to Another. Her second series, The Amish of Webster County, is comprised of Healing Love, Surrendered Love, and Awakened Love. A stand-alone title, A White Christmas in Webster County, was released in September 2014. The Birdhouse concluded Laura’s 2015 series, The Amish of Jamesport, includes The Snow Globe, The Postcard and The Birdhouse. Laura is a member of American Christian Fiction Writers and a professional book reviewer. Laura and her husband, Steve, have five children, whom Laura homeschools. The family makes their home in Arkansas. For more about Laura, her latest book, the books she’s written and those she’s reviewed: Laura Hilton’s

Guest Post from Laura V. Hilton

Unlike some authors, I am not a planner. I have a very vague idea of the story, of the series, and as soon as the characters step forward and introduce themselves I dive in and start writing. When I first began writing this series – New Beginnings in Jamesport – I knew Sammy Miller was going to be the hero. Readers started asking for Sammy’s story as soon as they read The Postcard where Sammy was the villain. Ouch. I’d never considered writing a story about a former villain. But just as David in The Postcard was reader requested, Sammy would be. Sammy is a very strong character and I knew he had to have a strong female lead character, one that wasn’t afraid to stand up to him and keep him under control. He is a leader, an EMT studying to be a paramedic, and a volunteer firefighter. The female lead, Abigail, is thrown into Jamesport without warning. Her step-father takes her to the bus station and sends her away and she doesn’t even know why! When she is met at the bus station by an aunt and uncle she didn’t even know existed, she is thrown into the middle of several mysteries, including barn fires set by arsonists. And she is the main suspect. The whole New Beginnings in Jamesport series, while considered a continuation of The Amish of Jamesport series due to Sammy being the hero, is set around Amish starting over in Jamesport. The second book The Amish Wanderer is about a former resident of Jamesport hitchhiking across the country to get to his Mennonite uncle’s house in Pennsylvania. Silas is desperate to escape from his dysfunctional family for several reasons. But he cannot stay in Jamesport because someone is out to kill him. When he stumbles upon another mystery within hours of his arrival, what choice does he have but to stick around for awhile? God gave me the verses for all three books in the Amish of Jamesport series The Amish Firefighter, The Amish Wanderer and the yet untitled third book (My books all stand alone) before I started writing them, which is unusual. He usually reveals these things slowly to me, as I need to know. The verse for The Amish Firefighter is Isaiah 43:2-4 and the verse for The Amish Wanderer is Romans 8:38-39. The third book’s verse is 2 Corinthians 4:8. It is tentatively titled The Amish Accountant, but most people think accountants are boring, and his real profession is a clockmaker. But The Amish Clockmaker has already been taken by another author. So we shall see what the wonderful Whitaker House team will come up with. It is about another young Amish woman, Lydia, who needs a “safe haven.” So her parents send her to live with her Mennonite aunt and uncle in Jamesport. It doesn’t exactly work out as planned, as the aunt and uncle leave for a foreign mission trip immediately, leaving Lydia acting manager of a gift shop and living in an all electric apartment. Before her aunt leaves, she tells Lydia’s secrets to her best friend. But did she tell all of them or some of them? And the best friend’s son, Caleb (the clockmaker) is acting as accountant for the gift shop. And what about Caleb’s carefully kept secret? When Lydia’s past catches up with her, will it destroy all she’d begun to imagine as she dreamed of starting over in Jamesport? Next after that is The Christmas Challenge which is also set in Jamesport. I don’t have official release dates for The Amish Wanderer or the other books yet. But as soon as I know, I’ll share. Coming next? Who knows? I have two ideas warring for attention—but which one gets told first, I don’t know! I lean toward one, then the other. They both want to be told. And now, I must get back to work. Thank you for visiting today and thank you so much for supporting my books. I do hope you’ll enjoy The Amish Firefighter! Happy Reading! Because of Him, ~ Laura ~

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JUNE 15, 2016

Good Day!  I love reading books especially by my favorite authors and by new authors that I didn't know about. Tammy Fish has written a mail-order bride novel that is refreshing, different and interesting. It is a great read. Little Wade will steal your heart as his dad and mail order bride struggle to keep themselves from truly committing to one another and deal with the pain of their pasts. You won't want to miss this sweet novel. I look forward to reading more of her books.



Spring ThawWhen an unforeseen accident tramples her dreams, Selena trudges through a desert of loneliness caring for an invalid husband. Finding herself a widow at twenty-eight, she grasps at the chance to experience a new life. Answering an advertisement for a marriage of convenience, she agrees to the platonic arrangement in order to care for the man’s young son. Leaving her home in Illinois, she travels by train to Oregon to discover a very different world from the one she left behind. Mesmerized by the beauty of this new land, she finds faith and fulfillment, but she never expects to find love.

Dirk lost his wife long before his son’s birth. Bitterness and pain solidified his emotions like the snowpack on Mt. Hood. He needs a mother for his son, but nothing more, so he places his request: No pictures necessary, references only. Selena agrees to the arrangement, but her heart interferes. Will Selena’s patient endurance be enough to melt her husband’s frozen heart?

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Tuesday, June 14, 2016

June 14, 2016

Good Day! Do you ever daydream? I do and I believe most people do. "A Dream of Miracles" is a great book and the hero has dreams he isn't quite sure about and the Amish woman with two children, one who has been sickly since birth. But Mattie is widowed, alone and scared while trying to keep life in some kind of normalcy. A story of belief, learning to trust God and that the unexpected happens.


(I received this book for my honest review)

When a suspicious outsider with a shadowy past comes crashing into Amish widow Mattie’s fragile world, can she learn to love again?
When Mattie and Bo cross paths, all signs point to disaster. Yet as they face a crucible of trials and tragedies together, longings begin to stir that seem destined only to end in more heartbreak.
Is a miracle possible—not only of healing but of forbidden love?
What secrets lie in Bo’s dreams?
And will Mattie find the courage to face her uncertain future . . . or will she simply run away?

Thursday, June 9, 2016

Millie 2JUNE 9, 2016




Shanna Hatfield writes clean romance fiction with a lesson to learn and humor injected at the right moment. I am enjoying this series "Pendleton Petticoats". They can be read as stand alone as well, I have a few of them to catch up on myself and look forward to it.

Millie CoverWhat do you get when you take a woman who is leading a temperance movement and a man who runs a saloon? A very interesting and unlikely couple. Millie is firm in her beliefs and Gideon is just as stubborn in his. This book is fun yet it holds the lesson to not jump to conclusions of others without listening to them first. Greed is a ugly sidekick and help others without expecting anything in return.

I have no doubt you will enjoy this book.
To find out about Millie, Gideon and the rest of the delightful characters you'll grow to love-Read the Book!!



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JUNE 4, 2016

CHRISTIAN APOLOGETICS! Just saying that word sounds difficult.  What is Apologetics? Basically it is knowing what you believe and why you believe it. It is the study and examination of God's word. It is building a solid spiritual foundation in our belief in God.  In Mary Jo Sharp's book
"Defending the Faith" you will read about:
  • Reasons for knowing why you believe in God
  • How your beliefs affect your life
  • How your beliefs affect others
  • What you can do right now(how to begin discussing beliefs in everyday conversations)

Popular apologist Mary Jo Sharp issues a personal challenge for sisters in Christ to approach their faith on an intellectual level, along with a compelling call for women’s ministries to help women love God with their minds by incorporating apologetics into their programs.

Confident Christianity is a Christian apologetics ministry founded by Mary Jo Sharp that addresses the hard questions of Christianity through research, writing, training and debate.
Mary Jo is a former atheist from the Pacific Northwest who thought religion was for the weak-minded. She now holds a Masters in Christian Apologetics from Biola University and is the first woman to become a Certified Apologetics Instructor through the North American Mission Board of the Southern Baptist Convention.  Mary Jo is an assistant professor of apologetics at Houston Baptist University, on faculty with Summit Ministries, an author with Kregel Publications and B&H Publications, author of the top-selling Bible study, “Why Do You Believe That?” and has produced a new DVD Bible Study with LifeWay Resources.  A clear communicator with a heart for people, she finds great joy in sharing the deep truths of her Lord and Savior.

MY REVIEW: I had the privilege of attending a conference where Mary Jo Sharp was the speaker. As Christians we should know what we believe and why. After reading this book I'll be looking into more books on Apologetics and to write down what I believe and why. This is a great book to start with and will really open your eyes to just how important it is to know why we believe what we do.

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JUNE 2, 2016
Welcome to the month of June!!
Today we are celebrating the release of Carrie Fancett Pagels new book "Saving The Marquise's Granddaughter" Isn't the cover just beautiful!
Saving the Marquise's Granddaughter Banner

About the Book

SavingTheMarquisesGranddaughter_w11911_750In a land fraught with religious strife, they must break the barriers between status and faith to forge a fresh future in a new world… After her Huguenot father is arrested, aristocrat Suzanne Richelieu escapes Versailles. Handsome German peasant, Johan Rousch, risks his life to bring her to the safety of his family’s farm in the Palatinate duchy, but when Suzanne’s brother and the French army arrive with a warning that they plan to burn the area, she and Johan are forced to flee. With no money or options, both become indentured servants in exchange for safe passage to Philadelphia. Suzanne falls gravely ill aboard ship and marries Johan, only to survive with no memory of the wedding—a reality made worse when Johan spots the “priest” who married them working as a surveyor and later in Quaker cleric garb. Are their wedding vows valid? When Suzanne’s former fiancĂ© arrives in port, planning to abduct her, Johan must save her again—but can he do so before Suzanne is lost to him forever?

Purchase your copy of Saving the Marquise’s Granddaughter here.

About the Author

Carrie headshotCarrie Fancett Pagels is a multi-published award-winning author of Christian historical romance.  Twenty-five years as a psychologist didn’t “cure” her overactive imagination! She resides with her family in the Historic Triangle of Virginia, which is perfect for her love of history. Carrie loves to read, bake, bead, and travel – but not all at the same time!

Guest Post from Carrie Fancett Pagels

Roush book 1 Hi, I’m Carrie Fancett Pagels, so excited to see this particular book “baby”, Saving the Marquise’s Granddaughter, finally being “born!” I started working on this over eight years ago!
Would you believe it was a genealogical search that began this story? We had a lot of research on my father’s side of the family but not on my mother’s. Sites like were getting big. One of my mother’s cousins posted the genealogy that he’d found, on one of the genealogy sharing sites and I got that information but only back to where I found two Rousch cousins marrying. I honestly didn’t want to go on after that, as it appeared they were first cousins – yikes! But after praying about it, and knowing my mom was curious, too, I went forward.
      While I am interested in genealogy, as a former psychologist, I’m more interested in people’s stories.  So when I discovered that the two cousins were the grandchildren of Johan Adam Rousch, who had been acknowledged because nine of his ten sons had fought in the American Revolution, I wanted to know more about him and his family and ancestors.  Since there were books already written about him, I went up to the University of Virginia Rare Books Library and read what people had to say about the real life Johan. He sounded fascinating. He was an immigrant from the Palatinate of Germany and lived in the western part of Virginia, after immigrating via Pennsylvania.
colonial Patriot marchers DSCN4653I had joined the American Christian Fiction Writers (ACFW) group and had been working on a novel set in the Charleston, South Carolina area, where I’d previously lived. I got so interested in Johan and his story that I began to write. But I couldn’t wrap my mind around Susanna, his real life wife who likely also came from the Palatinate, possibly on the same ship. No matter how I tried to work on her, through various writing classes I took, I couldn’t make her “real” because she just wasn’t speaking to me. I tried and I have the old scenes to prove it!
rousch monumentWhen I write, I pray. I asked God to show me scriptures for each scene, which were included on my rough drafts (they are not there in the final novel.) I did some research, at the library, and a massive tome about the Hundred Years War was recommended to me and one on European History from that time frame. By learning of some of the reasons the Palatinate was persecuted, such as the French punishing them for taking in Protestants, I began to imagine a different sort of heroine for my story. Of course, although the story was inspired by Johan and Susanna, this book is fictional. That freed me up for God to inspire me to make this story about faith. A core tenet of the book is that we must find our own faith – we cannot “borrow” it from someone else!
Since I was still practicing as a psychologist, as I developed Suzanne’s character I included traits that would be common in someone is the situation she was in. She’s living in an aristocratic French family, with parents who are actually of the Huguenot faith. If they are discovered there can be drastic consequences, including death. So a young lady like that may become more obsessive and compulsive as a way of dealing with that anxiety.
I hope those who read this story will be inspired by the message of overcoming and of finding one’s own path to faith in the Lord!!!

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Kindle grand prize meme
To celebrate her tour, Carrie is giving away a Kindle Fire 7, one signed copy of Saving the Marquise’s Granddaughter along with Postcard & bookmark and Fleur de Lis Earrings. Click the link to enter:

My Review:  I always enjoy Carrie's Books! This is a delightful story of a titled lady who meets a man who farms. They find they need to rely on each other to make it to the new world in America. Through sickness, storms, being hunted and hiding her identity life is a roller coaster for them. Will they ever find peace, security? Where can they put down roots to have a normal life? Can Suzanne remember if they truly were married or was it all a dream? While in the meantime Johan is the perfect gentleman and keeps his distance. Oooooooo, I know what your thinking.
"I just have to buy this book!" It's a 5 star book to me.



I received this book in exchange for my honest opinion.