I'm doing a happy dance! Pepper Basham's lastest book was release on February 14th entitled "Between Stairs and Stardust" Don't you just love that title? I love Pepper's books and I became a fan of hers since I read her first book "The Thorn Bearer". I have no doubt you will love her stories if you've never read any which is easily solved by reading this novella. It is a magical, over the moon sweet and delightful story. This novella is part of a compilation of four novellas entitle "Finding ever after". James is not your average hero, having to depend on a lady he's never met. Stella is needing to just keep away from others while a delicate matter is consuming her. Add a little girl, Alice, James little sister tothe mix and you have a fairy tale on the pages. I did like that James and Alice stepmother isn't your normal evil person as seen in fairy tales but a interesting one. The Biltmore is one place I would like to visit. It sounds so beautiful and inviting. Of course, there is always one person in a great book that causes trouble and this one does as well. She's a nightmare of Stella's that she would rather stop haunting Stella's sleep. A great story as only Pepper can write!

Karen Hadley
Rating: 5*
I received this book as a complimentary copy and all opinions are my own,



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