I've been having trouble with my blog so hopefully this time it will post right! Here are some quick reviews of books that I have read in the past two weeks. I hope you enjoy them as much as I have!

"Lady Maybe" by Julie Klassen

I love Julie's books! I haven't read any that didn't capture
my attention fully! Late nights, early mornings and sleepy
days were the norm for me while reading books by Julie
Klassen. There is a life changing secret that you'll try to
discover as you turn each page. One of the things I like about
Julie's books is that she tackles some hard topics, her heroines
and hero's of her books don't always have the best of reputation
or past. But who does? We are all human, we all mess up, we
sin and Julie weaves the differences God makes in their lives to
change them to become a better person and to follow the Lord.
Yes, they suffer the consequences  of their sins but God forgives
and forgets. Great Job Julie!


"A Stranger's Secret" by Laurie Alice Eakes

This is book two in this series! You will definitely want to readA Stranger's Secret
the first book but this will also work as a stand alone book as
well. Laurie Alice Eakes is a talented writer and I enjoy each one
of her books. (And she has many). The story of Morwenna (don't
you just love that name) and her struggle to do everything for
herself with the help of two trusted servants backfires and she
realizes that she can forgive them and its okay to allow them
to help her. What a hero is David! I hope she writes another in
this series for I would like to see how Mihal (another great name)
grows up and meets his future bride. Mihal is Morwenna's baby.
Keep The Books Coming Alice!


Rebecca DeMarino
Author of "A Place In His Heart" and "To Capture Her Heart"
These are apart of The Southold Chronicles", Rebecca has written two historical romance
novels that are inspired by her ninth great-grandparents, Barnabas and Mary Horton.
In "A Place In His Heart", Mary yearns and does all she can to earn her husband Barnabas's love. He has lost his first wife and can't seem to get past that, neither does his two sons. There were times I wanted to just shake him! He is a godly man and God opens his eyes to what he has been blessed with, a loving wife. You'll want to read how they came to be married, all of Mary's struggles and how she lived God's way even in the midst of sad and dark days.

"To Capture Her Heart" is book two of this series. Benjamin, Barnabas's son from his first marriage but raised and loved by Mary. (He returns the affection to his Mother). Heather Flower is a young widow who is being pressured by a Dutch man and Benjamin to choose one of them. She isn't ready and doesn't know if she will be. Life goes on, will the Dutch and the colonists finally have peace?
Does Heather Flower marry Dirk, the Dutchman or Benjamin, her long time friend or is she content to stay a widow? Only one way to find out - READ THE BOOKS!



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