JULY 29, 2015
Tamera Alexander does it again, she writes an incredible Christian historical novel. I love horses. Although I haven't actually ridden one in reality, in Tamera's "To WIn Her Favor" I am riding like the wind (or soaring as the heroine's father called it). While reading this I wanted to switch places with Maggie just to be around horses, riding them, caring for them and forging friendship with these incredible creatures. Tamera weaves how God can change a person's outlook on others that are not of their class as He did with Maggie. She reminds us of the problem of racial prejudice and how it isn't gone but still rears its ugly head. I think my favorite character though is Mr. Harding (who you read about in both Belle Mead books by Tamera. He is successful and southern to the core but the difference is he is a fair, giving and powerful character. In reading this book and be for warned it is hard to put down, you will find struggles with changes in life, unexpected surprises both good and not so good, blessings and a roller coaster of emotions. You will find yourself at the edge of your seat cheering for a horse that quietly enters your life and gently fills you with love for her. I love to see horses run. No I don't like the gambling aspect of races as neither does the main characters of this book. Oh, to see these powerful, beautiful creatures run just takes my breath away. Start preparing now for the trip you will take in the wonderful historical novel and visit Tamera's website to read about the historical setting in this book and her many other books.
You can also find her on facebook, goodreads and other media sites.
What are you waiting for? Go read the book!
Karen Hadley


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