Texas Timbers


What a sweet story about happily ever afters with a little craziness tossed throughout the story. Autumn knows what she wants and even more what God has revealed to her about the man she is to marry. But will he be easy to convince? A story that the one and only Caryl can write! Love, romance, intrigue and a page turner!! READ THE BOOK!


Rating #5

I received this book as a gift and all opinions are my own.


Caryl McAdoo, praying her story gives God glory, loves writing for Christian genres--historical and contemporary romance, Biblical fiction, and mid-grade/young adults. After ten years being published and nine titles, in March 2014, Simon and Schuster debuted Caryl's VOW UNBROKEN, her first historical Christian romance set in 1832 Texas. 

In the fall of that year, the prolific author followed with two more titles independently, HEARTS STOLEN, book one of her Texas Romance Family Saga series (TxRFSs) set in 1839-1844, an Amazon #1 Best-seller, and A LITTLE LOWER THAN THE ANGELS, volume one of her first Biblical fiction series, The Generations (TGenBFs)--also an Amazon #1 Best-seller. 

In an exciting 2015--with God's help--she released eleven new releases! Three for her historical Texas Romance Family Saga, three for The Generations Biblical fiction series, three for the contemporary Red River Romances Romance series (RRRs), a non-fiction book on writing, and book one of a new mid-grade series Days of Dread Trilogy. This amazing accomplishment went as follows:

HOPE REBORN (1850-1851) - January - book two of TxRFSs--a #1 Amazon Best-seller 

THE PREACHER'S FAITH - February - the first contemporary RRRs launched 

THEN THE DELUGE COMES March - volume 2 of TGenBFs 

SING A NEW SONG April - book two RRRs launched

SINS OF THE MOTHERS (1851-1853) May - book three of her TxRFSs debuted

STORY & STYLE, The Craft of Writing Creative Fiction - June - a handbook for writers 

ONE AND DONE - July - the third RRRs, for Baseball lovers and those who are not

REPLENISH THE EARTH - August - volume three TGenBFs

DAUGHTERS OF THE HEART (1854) September - book four of the TxRFSs

THE KING'S HIGHWAY - October - book one of the Days of Dread Trilogy for mid-grade/YA.

CHILDREN OF EDEN - November - volume four of TGenBFs

She's completed the Texas Romance Family Saga series with: 

JUST KIN (1861-1865), book five

AT LIBERTY TO LOVE (1865-1866), book six

COVERING LOVE (1885-886), book seven

MIGHTY TO SAVE (1914-1924), book eight

CHIEF OF SINNERS (1926-1950) book nine

Loving the characters too much to leave them, she started a series of "Companion Books" using the ancestors and descendants of these beloved families. There are six "Companion Books now: 

THE BEDWARMER'S SON with two parallel stories in 1859 and 1926)

SON OF PROMISE (1951) and 

BIPARTISAN Love (1968)--these two titles have the same hero Cody, a twelve-year-old in the first and grown in the next

JOHN DAVID'S CALLING (1968-1970) book one in The Revivalist Trilogy has and 

HANNAH CLAIRE'S WILDERNESS (1971-1972) book two of The Revivalist Trilogy

JEWEL'S GOLD (1895) of teh "Gold Diggers Collection"

The prolific author has joined several multi-author collections, organizing a few herself, with more historical romance stories. Her first was "Lockets and Lace" with:

SILENT HARMONY (1867) in 2018

UNIQUELY COMMON (1850-1851) in 2019, and 

BITTER HONEY in 2020. 

The "Thanksgiving Books & Blessings Collection" also began a new Family Saga, the "Cross Timbers Romance" series:

GONE TO TEXAS (1840), book one 

TEXAS MY TEXAS (1841), book two

TEXAS TEARS (1845), book three also part of 2019 "Thanksgiving Books & Blessings Collection

LEAVING TEXAS (1850), book four 

Other Collections were "Prairie Roses" with her REMI (1851) and "Gold Diggers" with Jewel's Gold (1985) 

Her stories are well received, garnering well over fifty percent 5-Star ratings across the board in all her genres and twenty to forty percent 4-Star, so seventy to ninety percent 4 & 5-Stars! Reviews indicate her stories are well crafted with characters readers love! 

Caryl's heart to serve is apparent as she helps new authors realize their dreams. Besides teaching writing creative fiction, she also works to show them how to format their novels and the importance of good edits from fresh eyes. As she was mentored at the DFW Writers' Workshop fifteen years (1993-2008), she hopes to pay God's blessings forwarding mentoring others.

For every good thing in her life--including four children and eighteen grandsugars--she gives God the glory. Caryl lives a country-life with Ron, her high school sweetheart and husband of fifty+ years (from 1968) in the woods a few miles south of Clarksville, the seat of Red River County, located in the far Northeast corner of Texas.


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