During a snowstorm, Betty Tanner finds herself stuck with her estranged husband. Spending Christmas with Glenn wasn’t what she had in mind, and her mind reluctantly travels back three decades to their first Christmas together, when another snowstorm caused her to wreck her car outside the Tanner home … 

1954: Stranded with the Tanners over Christmas, Betty is forced into the company of Glenn, who had spurned her for years. But as the snow falls outside, the walls between Betty and Glenn begin to crumble, revealing a side of him she never knew existed. A side she longs to know better.

Pride and bitterness can make a beast out of anyone. And the hardships they face in their relationship are of their own making. But can following Christ’s ways lead Betty and Glenn to the reconciliation they long for?

A.M. Heath invites you to spend Christmas with the Tanners in a dual-timeline novel loosely inspired by Beauty and the Beast. You’re sure to fall in love again and again.

    A beautiful story of forgiveness and restoration. I enjoyed the way the author went from present day to days in the past to tell this story. And it worked great in understanding the relationship between Betty and Glenn. Both have blinders on in regards to each of their failures in their marriage. With time and lots of thought, can they come to agreement whether they stay married or divorce. Can they learn to communicate their desires in the marriage and the stuff that bothers them. So dress warmly as Betty finds herself stranded at Glenn’s family home, grab a cup of hot cocoa, a blanket and curl up for a heartwarming story. . A.M. Heath does a wonderful job in the writing of this book and you will not be disappointed. You can preorder the book on Amazon and it releases November 5th.
Rating: 5*
I received this book as a gift and all opinions are my own.

About A.M. Heath

A.M. Heath breaks out as a Christian novelist with the 2014 release of Where Can I Flee, inspired by her love of Christ and 19th century American history.

Being raised in a small Tennessee town, A.M. Heath grew up with a love for southern history and nostalgia. Her husband and 4 children embrace the small town lifestyle and southern standard of back porch relaxing, tea sipping, homemade comfort food, strong Christian values, and tightly woven family bonds.


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