Wednesday, July 26, 2017

   JULY 26TH          

       It's been a busy two weeks. I finally can catch my breath. Ever have days like that?

 I know you have and its exhausting. I feel like I just want to hibernate for a while while

I recuperate. But one thought keeps me pushing forward. God is my strength! I'm a weak 

person both physically and spiritually. But God strengthens me to do what I need to do each 

day. That may include just taking a nap or relaxing watching a Hallmark movie. Most of

all His strength comes from spending time in God's Word. My help and strength comes from

the Lord!

    When I am weak, He makes me strong!

         When I am discouraged, He encourages me!

When I feel alone, He reminds me of His Presence!

When I am sad, He fills me with happiness!

When I don't know how I feel, its okay God does!

There is nothing that we experience in life that God doesn't know about and is waiting for us to climb up into His lap and let Him be who He is - GOD!!

Whatever you're facing today whether it is good or bad,                                                                        know that with God you don't face it alone!!!


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