September 29, 2016

      Have you read books by Darlene Franklin? She is a talented author whose books are great and interesting reads.
I just finished "The Laws of Love in Texas." This is 5 stories in 1 book. Yes, that's right 5 stories. Each novella is great reads and doesn't take much time to read them. They are full of fun and complicated characters, reserved and wild roads in life. If I had to put it in to one sentence it would be
"These novellas are sweet, attention grabber and the love and salvation of Christ is seen in each one." 
Get the book, you'll be glad you did!

Karen Hadley
My Rating: 5 stars
I received this book in exchange for my honest review.

 "The Laws of Love in Texas." by Darlene Franklin

Angel in Disguise
Lucy Ames Sharpshooter
The Face of Mary
Love's Glory
A Bride's Rogue

Take a trip to a time when the west was truly wild, where all roads and people crossed the Lone Star State, the proudest of them all. Lawmen and the lawless fought for the upper hand--and love--in these five stories. 

When one extreme meets the other, only God's intervention can smooth the path to true love for these five couples.

People often ask if I always wanted to be a writer. I suppose the answer is yes and no. Yes, I was writing stories, worked as the society editor at a small newspaper, and wrote poems now and then—but that didn’t mean I was a writer. God had called me to be a music missionary to Mexico at summer camp. Life—and God—kept pushing me in the direction of writing until I finally embraced it.

I’ve had fifty books published, although some of the volumes contain the same stories as others. If you’re familiar with my work, you might want to check out my Recent and Upcoming Releases. My romances are divided among historicalcontemporary, and collections. My short forage into cozy mysteries is represented; and I surprised myself by the number of devotional collections I have appeared in.
Dive in and have fun!


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