JULY 26, 2016

    My favorite book to read is "The Holy Bible". Within its pages we see God's grace and mercy from Genesis to Revelation. We read about ordinary men and women, people who have messed up, sought forgiveness and God used them in their ordinary lives. If we look closely we can see ourselves in them. A reminder that we aren't perfect and that we serve an extraordinary God who can use us to accomplish His will.  Because of His love and Jesus' death, burial and resurrection I am saved!! As we read about the people in the Bible, we can also read about others in history that God saved and used in different ways all over the world. People that we may not even realize loved and served God. People such as - Florence Nightingale, Frederick Douglass, Jean-Henri Dunant, Abraham Lincoln (this one will surprise you to read how he started out in his beliefs), Joseph Lister, Louis Pasteur, Charles Dickens, John D. Rockefeller Sr. and a few others.
You will find their stories in the book "They were Christians" by Cristobal Krusen.

About the Book:
What do Abraham Lincoln, Fyodor Dostoyevsky, Louis Pasteur, Frederick Douglass, Florence Nightingale, and John D. Rockefeller Sr. have in common? They all changed the world - and they were all Christians. With passion and precision, Cristóbal Krusen brings to light the little-known stories of faith behind twelve influential people of history.
They Were Christians reveals the faith-filled motivations of these important world figures who made some of the most outstanding political, scientific, and humanitarian contributions in history. Discover the true stories behind:
  • the founding of the Red Cross
  • the family crisis that drove America's favorite president to his knees
  • the supernatural call that led a beautiful English socialite to save thousands of soldiers and more
The fascinating profiles of these faithful history makers will encourage, entertain, and inspire you to deepen your faith, pursue excellence in your vocation, and serve others.

MY REVIEW: The book is packed full of information about 11 individuals and their relationship with God. It is very interesting and I learned so much about these individuals. Also, it reminds me that their are people from the past, here in the present and in the future that have untold stories of how God works in their lives. A remarkable read that you will enjoy.


Karen Hadley


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