May 5, 2016

Happy Cinco de Mayo!

  And I thought I didn't learn any Spanish. It is a beautiful day here in Oklahoma. I would love to be able to open the windows but where I work the windows don't open.  Today I'm reviewing "An Amish Market." This contains four Amish novellas. I love these type of books. If I'm not familiar with an author, this gives me something to read and I'll know pretty quick if I like the story. All four of these are a hit. In each of them you will find people like you and me facing the same struggles. Each author is talented and her writings hold your attention.

Amy Clipston's "Love Birds" (don't ya just love that title). Ellie finds work
to help her support her mother and herself as she hopes a certain Amish
man notices her. But she does something that he's not sure he can trust her.
Got your attention? Yay! Read the book!

Kathleen Fuller's "A Bid for Love" (now that title has you wondering huh?) Need butter? Hannah makes it and Ezra buys more than his mamm needs. Hmm! Why? He isn't looking for a wife. A quilt with a hidden meaning comes to surface. Got your attention? Yay! Read the book!

Kelly Irvin's "Sweeter Than Honey" (I love honey especially with peanut butter). What does pickled beets and honey have to do with this book. Will's past makes him hesitant about women, tries to keep his distance but finally sees what he's trying so hard not to but will Isabella wait on him. Got your attention? Yay! Read the book!

Vannetta Chapman's "Love in Store" (hmmm, love don't you just love that word?) Love can come at any age but will Stella step out and embrace it or continue to feel sorry for herself and in the process comes across as grumpy. Oh but maybe there is someone who will break down
that wall? Got your attention? Yay! Read the book!

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I received this book in exchange for my honest review!


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