May 11, 2016

WOW! Where do I start? This is the first book I have read from author M.B.Tosi and can she write!!! I drank this book up like a horse that had traveled through the desert and found a bubbling brook. She does an amazing job of telling the story through the eyes of a captive white woman and her love for God. It is hard not to give spoilers but I won't. Morning Star is a incredible woman who makes the best of whatever she faces even if she has to fight for what is right. I cried, laughed, mourned and loved as I read as fast as I could to the end. Well Done M.B. Tosi!!



The Crimson Path of HonorIn The Crimson Path of Honor, the Civil War is over, and a violent period known as the Indian Wars is erupting. Ignoring the danger, a feisty young woman from Boston rebels against her tyrannical father’s plans to marry her off to a family friend, and she seizes an opportunity to go west to teach.  On the way to the Oregon Territory, her stagecoach is attacked, and she is captured by a marauding band of Lakota (Sioux) Indians who call the Rocky Mountains home.
Accepting her perilous situation, the young woman courageously confronts the daily hardships inherent in early Native American life. At first treated like an outcast, she eventually adapts to her circumstances and comes to respect the camaraderie of the Indians, even falling in love with her captor. Over time, she begins to challenge her abductor’s traditional views on bloodletting and violence as the path of honor. Torn by her inability to justify her growing feelings for her captor in a culture of violence, she continually wonders why God has abandoned her in such a desolate place

I received this book in exchange for my honest review.


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