MARCH 1, 2016
Today is release day for Lisa Harper's new Bible Study - "The Gospel of Mark".
Image of The Gospel of Mark: The Jesus We're Aching For- Study Guide
Immediately. Let’s go. Right away. Now. Get up. Then … Mark’s narrative moves quickly and you sense the action in the story of Jesus’ life. It’s teaching presented as the gospel – good news powerfully announced in a world of bad news. This gospel emphasizes not only that Jesus is “the Son of God” (1:1; 15:39) but also that this fact demands a response. The Gospel of Mark highlights Jesus’ unparalleled spiritual power and authority, leading us to consider for ourselves the question, “Who do you say that I am?” (Mark 8:29)
The Gospel of Mark: the Jesus we’re aching for partners the compassion of Jesus with the passion of Christ. We see how the heart of God is moved by the heart of humanity and His response to our loud cry for help. We discover the world-changing result of being recipients of His compassion and the reason for His passion, all the way to the cross.
Ultimately, Mark intends for the action-packed presentation of who Jesus is to lead us to acknowledge Jesus, find salvation in Him, and follow Him.
  I had the privilege of hearing Lisa speak at our Baptist Convention Women's Retreat a few year back and I'm excited that she will be this year's speaker at the retreat. She isn't just a great speaker but she is a woman who is down to earth, passionate in her love for Jesus and will captivate you when she shares what God has done in her life.


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