January 20, 2016 

   I finished reading An Amish Christmas Gift, which is three novellas by three different authors.

"Naomi's Gift" by Amy Clipston reminds me not to give up hope in areas of my life that I feel won't ever change. Follow Naomi as she learns that loving and being loved is never too late. Sometimes well meaning friends and family don't always know what is best for you only God does.

"An Unexpected Joy" by Ruth Reid is filled with humor and determination as Abigail works hard to save money for something she feels will help her be more independent. The connection between her, Micah and his grandmother just warmed my heart. Anger and betrayal create a bridge but how will they get over it. Just got to read it to find out!

"A Christmas Visitor" by Kelly Irvin is an Amish story from a different perspective. Frannie is sent to her aunt and uncle's house to remove her from a relationship with a English man. She is determined and stays the course in being committed to her Amish heritage. She is faced with how to get past the love she has for Rocky, the English man to try to love a Amish man that shares her beliefs. What happens will keep you reading to see how the story end.


Karen Hadley


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