June 4, 2015

It is because of who we know - Jesus, He alone is good, He alone is awesome, He alone died to save us from eternal death and rose to give us eternal life. It doesn't matter what the world says or thinks about us. God only matters! Worldly things will pass but God will not. He was, He is and He will always be! Are you leaving a legacy for your children? What kind of legacy? Is it money? Land? Stuff? They can't take it with them either when they go. But we can leave them a godly legacy. The example of putting Christ first, of relying on Christ through every up and down life throws our way. Being so in love with Jesus that it shines through our eyes, in our smiles and seeps out our pores. It's being positive and praising God in the down and out days remembering all we have to be thankful for. Anyone with a disease that is not curable like multiple sclerosis struggle with the "why me?" But maybe we need to look at it "why not me, I'm no different than anyone else. What is God wanting to accomplish through this in my life? How do I represent Jesus in dealing with the toughness of life? Being diagnosed over six years ago God is teaching me to look at what He blesses me with each and every day. To be thankful for the days that are pain free and to be thankful even in the off days. Why? Because this world is not my home, and one day I will fall before Him, disease free but you know what, I don't think that will be on my mind when I kneel before the One who knew me before I was born. When I kneel before the One who died for me, a sinner, unworthy, undeserving yet He loves me! I don't think I will ever wrap my head around that truth. Praise God I don't have to understand everything, I just have to trust Him. And that's a lesson I'm still learning. Knowing He loves me and will never leave me. He is the one that I rely on to help me through this thing called life.It's through Him that we are a child of the King, forgiven, set free, adored and loved!



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