Tuesday, June 16, 2015

JUNE 16, 2015

Good Morning! I live in the great state of Oklahoma and we have been having a deluge of rain. I'm thankful for the rain, it has replenished our lakes, ponds and rivers that desperately needed to be filled up after a serious drought a few years back. During my time with the Lord this morning, He gave me the prayer listed below. I hope this is an encouragement to some one today who needs to be reminded that God is in control of everything!

Holy Spirit rain upon me refreshment, godly focus, integrity and compassion. May I be soaked thoroughly with Jesus that I squish of His love, compassion and care. Holy Spirit wash away the disappointments of life, the mundaneness and dreariness of everyday living and flood me with enthusiasm for each day simply because of Jesus. Flood me with your joy for my parched soul, to emit encouragement and kind words for family, friends and the others my path crosses. Strike my thoughts with Jesus and embed Your Word into every space of my being. Leave Your mark in my life! When I sin, shake me like thunder until I am on my knees in confession and seeking your forgiveness. Thank You for the forgiveness Father! Let me absorb all that You are and all that You do in every aspect of my life.
      When I feel empty - Fill me with You!
      When I am dry and parched - Flood me with Your Word!
      When I am discouraged, down and uncertain - Remind me of your
        promises that You are my refuge, strength and life.
      When I feel sorry for myself - Remind me to be thankful for
        all that You have done, are doing and will do in my life.
      When I am broken - help me to trust You and use the brokenness
        to draw me closer to You.
Bring forth a rainbow in my life daily. May the colors of joy, love, forgiveness, encouragement, grace and mercy burst forth from me to remind myself and others that You are God and we are not. And You are faithful and keep Your promises!


Have a Blessed Day,

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