JUNE 1, 2015

It's a beautiful Monday morning here in Oklahoma where we have been hard by rains that were desperately needed after a drought. The lakes and rivers and ponds are full. Yards are mushy (something my dachshund Jazzi loathes, she doesn't like getting her precious paws wet). You can always find something in whatever is going on around you. We can easily fall into a spiritual drought of discouragement, restlessness, hurts in any and all areas of life. We feel alone but we are not, even if we don't sense God's presence just be assured he has not and will not leave us. I often find that when I am in a spiritual drought it is usually because I have let the stuff of life take over and I dwell to much on it instead of feeding off of God's word, seeking God in prayer and as Psalm 46:10 says "Be still and know that I am God." Spending time with God includes me not only talking to Him but listening to Him. Then the much needed Spiritual rain comes, drenching my parched soul and greening up my outlook on life.

I started reading Marylu Tyndall's books about two months ago and "I've become a fan".
Here are reviews on those I have read by MaryLu Tyndall.  

-VEIL OF PEARLS - Oh my, such a great story. In this book, she addresses the topic of prejudice. The heroine is light skinned, a runaway slave and has quite the knowledge of medicine and herbs. You'll love her from the first.  The roque she meets will push your frustrations to the end just to reel you back to like the fellow. IT IS A MUST READ!


-Surrender the Heart: You've heard the saying "Being in the wrong place at the wrong time"? That is exactly where Marianne ends up in her desperation to be married. Yet, she is a woman who finds out just how strong she is when learning to lean on God in all the situations she finds herself. Noah is determined to get his cargo to its destination before war breaks out. I about had a heart attack when she finds herself torn from her countrymen and faced with serving on a enemy ship. Aww, this is a book packed with adventure. So, grab the rail, climb aboard and be prepared to find how quick times flies when you reading! MUST READ!

-Surrender the Night: An American woman and a British soldier meet in an unsettling way. Rose is determined to do what is right even when it places her and her family in harm's way. Alex is fighting to find a purpose in life. Will the two remain civil to each other? Will they find love? We can not always see how God is working in our life or in the lives of others but we can learn to trust Him through whatever He brings our way! Great story of getting through the barriers in life. MUST READ!

-Surrender the Dawn: Have a fan ready to cool yourself as headstrong and independent Cassandra goes on a mission to help provide for her family. The handsome Luke will catch your attention from the first and you'll join in hoping that the two can put aside their differences and find trust and love. What a sweet reminder that it doesn't matter what has been done in the past we can find forgiveness through the cross. MUST READ!

MARYLU TYNDALL - The Reckoning Pre-release party!!!
Hi All!  For the next 4 Fridays, I'll be posting something about my upcoming release, The Reckoning Yay!

AND giving away a FREE paperback (US only) or Ebook (non US)  to one lucky winner each week!  The book is slated to release July 1st. In fact I'm still working on the edits, but hope to have it done soon and in the hands of my influencers.

So, let's get started!!


Let me introduce you to Miss Morgan Shaw.

Morgan is not your typical American twenty-four year old woman, though she certainly appears to be. Raised in a broken home by a mother hooked on pills and a distant father obsessed with power and wealth, Morgan grew up shy, insecure, and suffering from acute anxiety and Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. She considers herself to be average looking, even plain, and has gone through a string of loser boyfriends in the past six years, most of whom dumped her for no reason.  She believes she has a propensity for falling for the wrong man!  Regardless, she was able to get a masters in Information Science and land a good job at a high-tech company in San Diego where she leads project teams and is highly successful. Because of her OCD and Anxiety, she likes her life to be ordered and controlled. Everything that happens must be planned and thought out so she can keep her anxiety at a minimum. So, you can imagine what will happen when she gets transported 300 years in the past to a pirate ship!

Good Quailities:
Efficient, analytical, serious, detail-oriented, dependable, loyal, Smart, Kind-hearted, hard working, sense of humor

Bad Qualities
Rigid, Repressed, Unbending, Stubborn, Uptight, Insecure, Perfectionist, Fearful, Control Freak, Constantly seeks approval

Quirks: Morgan rubs her temples a lot when things aren't going as planned.  She obsessively cleans and sets to order everything around her, even things that don't belong to her. She can't seem to stop herself!

So what do you think of Morgan Shaw?  Leave your thoughts (along with your email) and I'll choose a winner next Friday, (WHEN I'll introduce the hero, Rowan Dutton!)


  1. I began reading her books several years ago and is one of my favorite authors. She has many great series.

  2. All the books mentioned sound really good. I will have to look into them.
    I like the description of Morgan. It will be interesting to read what happens when someone who likes order get sent back in time to a pirate ship. Pirate Ship=No order.

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. I'm looking forward to that book as well.


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