January 14, 2015

I'm slowly learning how to operate a blog. Who knew it could be so confusing? Okay, I can hear some of you thinking that it isn't hard for you to figure out. I'm slow to understand all the how's of the world wide web. When I stop and think about just how far the internet can travel is just mind boggling. It's kinda like the motor of my car. I mean I know all those pieces under the hood is needed for it to run but I don't want to know how. All I need is when I turn the key, it starts and I don't want to deal with any problems like no gas (Thanks to my hubby, I seldom have to fill my own car. Don't be a hater), or oil or anything else. And that can be said about just anything. Turning on the water and its flowing, relaxing in air conditioned buildings, throwing something in the microwave for a quick bite, etc.. You get the picture.  Going through life I take so much for granted. I think most of the world can agree. Unfortunately, I see and hear so many that feel the same way about God. I mean how many go through life just living however they want. The world's motto has become "If it feels good do it". Either they don't know God or they do know Him (salvation) but they push Him to the back of their lives. Then when it is convenient for them, or there is nothing else to do or they have a need then they might have something to do with Him. For instance, some may think "Well, there is nothing happening this Sunday so I guess I'll go to church." or they say a quick prayer sometime during the day or maybe, just maybe before they eat. Another time they may seek God is when they are having a hard time or a crisis in life and they want Him to "fix it" so they can go on living like they want. I want to say "Wake Up!"  God does not operate on people's timetable. You can not bargain with God. You having a talk with Him telling Him if He does what you want then you will do what He wants. Whoa! A relationship with Him does not work that way. God is a jealous God and He wants nothing, absolutely nothing #1 in your life but Him. Genesis 20:3 says "Do not worship any other gods besides me."  and Deuteronomy 4:24 says "The Lord your God is a devouring fire, a jealous God." Anything that we put in life before Him is an idol and I'm not talking about a man-made statue, it can be that but it can be anything from a hobby, job, family, spouse. I've tried to put things before Him in the past and let me tell you it is not a pleasant experience. My prayer is "God keep me aware of You! In all I do and all I see and wherever I go, help me to constantly be thinking of You. When I start to drift, draw me back. There is no other place I really want to be apart from You!"




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