Good Morning, Good Afternoon or Good Evening!

         I just wanted to cover all the points of the day! Don't want to leave anyone out! Blogging. It has  become popular in the world of social media. You can find just about anything on the web. Whatever is of interest to you, there is a blog for it. I used to have a list, a long list of websites and blogs that I tried to visit daily. How exhausting that left me!  It was crazy! Well, I am a bit crazy but that's another story. I now have just a few that is of great interest to me and I don't visit those sites daily but every few days. I was so afraid I would miss something important. Guess What? I didn't. So, you are probably wondering why have you started your own blog? Several reasons. It is something I have been wanting to do and now as I get older (never mind what my age is) I'm trying to accomplish things that have been on my life's to do list, another reason is it is a way to write down all the many thoughts and words that are inside of me (my husband will be relieved for he often thinks I talk to much and often about nothing important, I just believe it is my duty to clue him in on everything that happens in my day but he's a jolly good sport and let's me ramble) but there is one reason above all reasons. I want to share a person who is my very breath. He's the reason I get up each morning. His name is Jesus. He came to earth and died on the cross for me. He took all my sins upon Himself so that by acknowledging Him I have eternal life in Heaven. He came, perfect without sin. God's love for me allowed Him to take my sin, my shame and the consequences of all that just so I could have eternity in heaven. I may miss blogs or visiting websites and I probably won't miss anything of importance. But if I miss what God has done for me, how He loves me, how He sent His son Jesus to die in my place and if I miss seeking Him through His written word or coming to grow in knowing Him more and trusting Him through all the times of life. If I miss all that then I have missed the purpose I was put here on earth.



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